the force awakens / trezirea fortei – razboi in ceruri

legendele spun aceleasi amintiri si fapte.

continuarea de aici,


precum Aule, care a creat pe gnomi, dar care nu se miscau/traiau daca nu se gandea Aule la ei..

Melkor folosea.. ucenici.

According to Sidious, Plagueis was powerful enough that he could use the Force to influence the midi-chlorians to create life and keep those he cared about from dying, a precious knowledge that awarded him the epithet of “the Wise.”[2] Plagueis, however, also developed a belief that the Force could “strike back” at him for his power.[3] In truth, he became so powerful that the only thing he still dreaded was losing his power. Ultimately, Plagueis’ only fear was bound to come true.  si totusi Şi vor mai afla, la timpul cuvenit, că tot ce fac ei până la urmă tot întru gloria lucrării mele fi-vă.


interesanta scena din spate..






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